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And the nights are drawing out

A tiny bit anyway. So Christmas is over and we are all drawing breath before the New Year celebrations. I rather liked 2011 but I’m hoping that 2012 will be productive as well.

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Chuffed to bits

For anyone who doesn’t understand Brit-speak, that means I’m very, very pleased. And the reason I’m very pleased is that Etopia Press has accepted Alike As Two Bees for publication. I don’t know when but you can bet I’ll be mentioning it here a time or two. Meantime, on with the WIPs!

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Post Nano doldrums

Honestly, there’s nothing like a deadline for concentrating the mind. I managed my 50 thousand words for Nanowrimo with 24 hours to spare and since then have been trying to enthuse myself about Christmas – not my favourite time of the year. All I really want to do is write. I really DON’T want to […]

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