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It’s been a while since I last posted here so what’s new? I’ve had a super review from Lena Grey writing for Rainbow Book Reviews of my sunny little novella of Ancient Greece, Alike As Two Bees, which Lena describes as an ‘endearing love story’. I became quite attached to the characters and, although they […]

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Available from Etopia Press from March 2nd. Official blurb, excerpt, links etc to follow. Meantime, Alike As Two Bees is a novella set near Athens in the mid 4th century BC. It is about an apprentice sculptor called Philon who wishes to use the most beautiful horse he has ever seen as a model for […]

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Celebration and consternation

I’m so very pleased to be able to say that my story “Alike as Two Bees” will be published by Etopia Press on March 2nd. I don’t have blurbs or excerpts yet but I’ll be posting those as soon as I get them. That’s worth a celebrate so I treated myself to G&B ginger chocolate! […]

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Chuffed to bits

For anyone who doesn’t understand Brit-speak, that means I’m very, very pleased. And the reason I’m very pleased is that Etopia Press has accepted Alike As Two Bees for publication. I don’t know when but you can bet I’ll be mentioning it here a time or two. Meantime, on with the WIPs!

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I hope – possibly. My story “Alike as Two Bees” is finished apart from being sent to my beta so she can tell me what I still need to do. It is almost twice as long as the first draft and I’m expecting to have to cut some of it. I’m sure there are bits […]

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